The forgotten fires of old

The Phoenix

"Whats a phoenix. Well its a bird thats a fire. It goes whoooosh. Like a really big flame only bigger" - Thomas Underrealm, dwarven spy

"A phoenix is the mysterious fire bird of legends. It ranks among the top five prizes of the world. If you are ever to bag one come see me. I'll pay top price" - Windslow Thalmer, former slavers last words.

"I wish to have it put upon my epitaph that in life I was as one of those birds. Immortal, forever peaceful and gentle healers. I know some call them beasts and others call them monsters. I, I say thank goodness they are still here. We would not have healers without the singular gifts brought by those illustrious creatures" - Korial Dragonslayer

"Lunch" - VIncient Dracule

"The phoenix is a bird of flame found in almost every ancient culture around the world. The reputed story was that one night a great bird cried to Amon Ra wishing to live forever in his gaze.  So, being as warped and twisted as he was the great sun bearer did as the bird asked giving him wings of fire and a heart of the true beast.

The beast was cursed with immortality, cursed with the inability to die afterwards. Every time the birds life was taken another would rise again to take its place. Forever did this cycle go and how many there currently are No one in the world knows." - Cali C, Former resident of the inferno halls.

"What am i? Ah, I am the lover, the mother, the card, the spade. I am the vengence, the whisper of darkness, the cloud of haze and heat that overtakes your home. I am the powerful, the submissive, the light to your darkness. I am your guide. I sleep within your hearth and warm your home.

When you lay between your wifes legs i am your passion. When you cry for her at her deathbed i am your rage. When you can no longer contain the pain and hate within you I become your solace, your scapegoat. It is because of me you feel at all, that things grow in your land. 

It is because of me that victory is tasted upon your tongue. I created the blood lust, I created the wanton, the simpleton and the whore. It is MY Passion she craves and you are but a poor substitue." - Soccuro the fire queen, reigning champion of the Phoenix race.



"Reigning the world with Fire the phoenix takes what she wants. She asks for nothing, she wishes for nothing but ravages the world with both life and death. If you want to truely know the appocolypse then meet a phoenix and piss her off. You'll be dead before the flesh boils from your bones" - Kylroi A., Forge Master.