The forgotten fires of old

...And she danced anyway

 A fire had been lit in Tidal mansion, the music room was empty now. In the right far corner of the room the singular sounds of the violin drifted onward, whirling about the room as a perfume. It coiled to the senses of those present causing a silence to reign among them. Only music existed now. Only music reigned supreme. Those of lofty and lowly esteem were brought to this place of gathering not by invitation but by the sounds of song drifting inward. 

One servant with the ability to  enchant upon the piano crept from the shadows to endure a look of censure and them caress the ivory keys. Music drummed from the flaxen haired angels fingers. Both songs harmonized, an fluorescent whisper of power rang in the room as the final being entered.

The bare feet of a woman wearing veils. She had been summoned to this very room for this very purpose. Lilyannas rogue painted lips smiled chaotically. She motioned the woman forward. In blue/gray veils. They were demure colors picked to accentuate her lapis hues.

Lilyanna had planned to shame her by donning her in the silver/blue dancers bra. However her full breasts filled the cups, the coins jangling below it glinted upon sun fashioned skin. Dancing light from the fire reflected light upon both her body and the ceiling from her movements. Even her breath was marked now.

The veils sitting upon her hips were nearly transluscent and fashioned into a well fitting skirt that draped down shapely legs. The silver coins of the belt chimed with beautiful song, silently praising the woman they were upon. All of this as was accented by a slave bracelet on each hand. The silver chain was delicate, perhaps even fragile and would should she choose to remove them most likely burn in her hands so hot was her skin.

All of this was topped by the silver collar given to her by hunter. She moved to a kneel, graceful as warm knees met the floor. The flesh of her thighs were coated by that fabric, whirling down to form a silken pool about her. No words were said, the music was already enchanting its victims too well.

Lilyanna lifted her right hand, reagle from the dark chair she reclined in. She motioned seemlessly to the dance floor with a great smirk on her features. Perhaps the woman would trip upon the fabric and  cause her own shame, the woman hated to loose her joy over someone being unexpectedly beautiful.

Movement captured little attention as the violin and piano began to crescendo into a plethera of singular melodies. Tia modestly rose, letting her left hand fall from her chest back to her waist. The main of free sanguine locks danced around her body aiding with the memory of vanilla already washed into the air. She gazed only for seconds to the fireplace, smiling upon it before the smoke began.

From that fireplace smoke trundled forth in sleepy circles gathering with magical intent toward the floor.  It snaked about Tias legs as she began the slow dance, rythmn danced within her veins. The focus of her memory became long ago when one lone male sat within that chair. The dark horse. Her heart pitter pattered within her chest, It sped as the calm left her veins and once more she felt like a beginner with the music in tact.

Ah, she had danced for him then, and would once again. Passion flew through her veins like a fire, whirling and whispering secrets to her heart with nothing less than the flame that had been created within her long ago. Across her back the dragons began to glow, hidding by the veil of copper hair. But present they were, aiding her with power, with strength, with courage.

She began slowly, letting the heat drift and warm the muscle frame so strong within that slender form. It became an ever purposeful gift that heat. She could see him, just him sitting in that chair, scowling, waiting for some hint of boredum to leave him. 

Slender fingers outreached as her shoulders drew back, she called for him with all of her being, her memory lit with sparks of delight. This was a recepie for falling, a dark delight much more silken than chocolate. Slowly as the candles burned through the storm of emotion.

To touch her now would be to touch a star burning so brightly that it was unable to keep its own heat. Shadows lurked around her, chains around her heart forming once more while the delight of ages crept upon her. Heat pooled within her heart as the right hand slid back and across her chest, fingers carressing the bare flesh of her collar bone. It drew behind her and like the girl she was the woman spun. Raising her hands above her the woman twirled casting veils about her legs. They shown her body to a delightful. it accented her curves revealing a side of her that few had seen.

First she stopped unknowingly before Lane. Fingers drifted down her own body. The darkest one in the room was always greeted first. Blue and gold shadowed oculars seemed uncaring as they fixed upon her, but her own were reflecting a light from the past; liquid mercury pools stared up at him. Slowly did her hips move, a figure eight undulation leaving her torso captured and slow.  Time ran through her fingers as they drifted upward upon her body. Over silken cloth at her thighs, the coins at her belt sending them jingling, the small waist and firm breasts till she reached her shoulders. Then she seemed to be an offering, placating with her own body as a sacrifice. 

Arching backwards sent curls cascading nearly to the floor, the arch was senusous. Perhaps the stretching of a long cat placing within his fingertips. Weaving her way back up, those hips failed to continue the figure eight. Instead she turned before him, before those eyes knowing perhaps that he was not truely there, or perhaps she was no longer present within this time. The veils sloshed across her body as slowly she piroetted then paused it to bring her left leg up toward her shoulder from the side. 

Dropping toward the floor Tia twisted and landed with toes arched, her palms flat upon the dark marble surface. Breath came to her now in soft huffs, reality was slowly slipping before her. Lacing her way through the movements Tia began to unravel the mysteries of smoke that sliced of cold against her heated body. Coins jangled when she righted to her feet again, soft movements, slender frame and music that conjoined within her heart carried love and such passion.

As she began to move before him again, slowly snaking her way about his still standing yet unaffected frame Tias dragon tattoos moved, sliceing a glowing path along her abdomen, up her chest and arms. She drifted away from Lane smiling "thank you dark horse" and to the center her way was made. 

The music drifted to a softer note, she began her exploration of time, letting those mercury orbs stare at the smoke encompassing her small frame. It tasted her body, slurring against the well kept body until the two seemed to move as one. Twisting her right leg was brought up into a fan kick. That foot, the right was placed behind her, She bowed forward, splashing the air and smoke clinging to her with copper curls. Fingers bent inward, her body arched back upward with a smile upon her face. Lips turned upward into a pleased motion even as Lilyannas glowering.

The dragons on her body pulsed and aided her with strength, they too gave her power as her body bent and flexed to her own whims. Still within the chair sat that lone figure she could still imagine, see him sitting upon the bent wood formed into a perfect pedistal. A sigh filtered through her lips, one of peace as the need to burn, to rage curled within her body. 

Circling the smoke with one pointed foot Tia let the power ebb in her veins and recoiled from the past to enjoy the now. Mercury floated in those azure gems, swirling with smoke and power.  She paused a moment, silken lashes curving shadows onto apple cheeks. Smooth skin sung under the fires caress. It was Natalya she stopped before. A wanton smile left those lips, and left little to the imagination.

Tia smiled, turning before her. This revealed her back, ample ass and firm legs. Slowly fingers traced up her frame as she rocked side to side. Hands wove her hair as she felt roaving Lycan eyes and that deadly smile curve upon Natalyas lips. Tia drew those locks up patiently, dipping low toward the floor erotically and slipping into an eagle split. She rocked forward, pulling her legs before her, turned upon her knees and gazed up at Natalya with innocence and fire in those passionate mercury tainted oculars.

Slowly the weight was placed upon the balls of her feet, she hardly noticed when one lycanthrope claw sliced through the flimsy veil fabric from hip to toe. Ah, Natalya was a crafty one, a revelation of senuous flesh created the knowing gasp within the room. Several gazes rivoted upon that form before she moved again. Slowly hands slipped down her own body, smoke swayed with her.

Iris watched from the smoke, from beside the fireplace with the smug smile upon her features. Her arms were crossed, she knew well what her sister did and how she teased the family. It wasnt something done every day; the knowledge sat well within her mind  The woman raised both eyebrows slightly at a cutting of fabric but did nothing more than chuckle. The sound wafted into the room along with the music and sound of bells.

Tia pivoted on bare feet, landing with her palms upon Hydes chair. Her back was facing him. She gazed over her shoulder toward the angelic with a devilish smile increasing upon her own lips. Rocking just her hips forward, back, up and then front again the woman undulated before him with complete control. The fabric spilled upon his lap and across his legs which were of course always crossed. The dragons moved down her arms and across her back to sway eyes gazing at the angelic. 

The contrast between the two was startling as Hyde smiled but said nothing. Those aquaine eyes of his remained passive but upon the dancer, a knowledge filled his mind. Her own sun tainted skin, glowing tan against his ivory was an amazing revelation. As she slowly stood before him and raised the right hip her legs seemed to be lengthened. She dropped the hip again sending jingles into the air of merry happily laughing coins. 

As she raised the left hip the same action was repeated. She turned then, toes pointed as the action was performed. Veils swept upward with the speed and brushed his calves aiding with a glimpse of her own. They fell silent again as hand were crossed over ample breasts ready to spill from the costume it seemed at any given moment. A shimmy rocked her body, small undulations giving vibrations to every coin upon her body, everything she wore shook with those tiny virbations.

The music seemed to change into more of an epitaph than something wonderously forgiving. It send a tremble through the dancer. Lilyanna glowered at her, watching Tia glory in the power of her own rage, in the semblence of her dance. One hand uprose. Since Tia had dealt so well with the smoke something more was needed. A golden shuffling would whisper through the air at this time. Slowly weaving themselves around her limbs candied chains of iron were set upon the woman who merely smiled. Lilyanna sat back now more satisfied that chains encompassed the womans limbs. Surely this would slow her down and cause more mischeif!

Tia gazed at the chains winding around her legs, circling around her lower back, up and underneath full breasts to wrap around her back and drape off of her shoulders. They hung down her body in soft green waves. Eh, the chains didnt actually matter. Snake like, slow and viperous the woman wreathed down to the floor, the chains were slowly unbound from her torso but left upon her legs. This created an almost pant like illusion.

As she came up upon her toes her breasts rocked up, back, down and forward. The movement shivered down her body and to her hips. The slow walk was erotic when her way was made before Destin. He laughed at her with those silent eyes, sickened by his own mother the male merely tossed jelly beans at her chains, flicking them with some acuracy. The chains began to slink off of her body with each rare movement, with each magical pause of her heart and wound in a pool about her feet, slipping through her fingers as dust. 

She walked backwards, popping her hip with each step, swirling into a turn and then curving her body downward into an arch. Her back pulled downward so that full breasts hung ripe from her body as peaches from a tree. Those arms of hers went slack and like an animated doll the woman popped back up pausing as the musicians changed songs again.

Miffed, anger rolling off of Lilyanna the woman made one last ditch effort to chain the dancer to a different state of mind. A ball coiled and rolled in her hand mixing with mist and smoke. The blue green foam wafted upon the floor wreathing it in censory deprovation. She let this ball roll from her fingers and when it hit the floor? Sparks. There sparks rolled and coiled until the ball touched Tia. Then it seemed to fade, to become nothingness and transparent. Fire however coiled upon her body, flooding beneath the veils in a poinent but passionate cloth.

Around her the cloth she wore began to burn, coins to melt and drip upon her body. Like lovers tears they wove a way down her legs, down her breasts, over her flame kissed form. The flames upon her clothing slowed by mere effort. Hands outreached, played with flames as the dance began again.  She beconed him, this death sythe, it was Julius wh she danced for now. The smile that lurked was a teasing one. Flames leapt off her fingertips in blues and golds splashing upon the floor in ashen piles.

She danced, a beat in her head as those hips of hers came to life. The fire carressed almost bared flesh, a lovers hands tracing gently over goosebump perked skin. Undulating before him TIa turned toward the floor, snaking downward ever slowly in sublime submission though it was not for him. THose fingertips were placed on her shoulders, arms crossed over her flesh. Perfect skin, flawless and tawny contained not a patch of hair save upon her head. Silken skin became coated by fire, surrounded by flame. Upon her knees the woman bowed, allowing thighs to part just slightly. Nothing showed, she was not that wanton.

Another watched her, away from the others. Ah, the tattooed male, the garbed holy demon. Crawling upon her hands and knees the woman made her way from Julius knowing that the male belonged to Natalya. Gazing up at Avalon, her cloak of red curls disguising what nudity the flames did not. She paused in a humble kneel, feeling the last song blooming within her heart, within her mind. It came to her slowly with an uprising beat leaving her trembling at his boots while it did so.

His eyes seemed locked upon her body, slightly parted lips told the tale of awe or perhaps something more. She would never know. Raising as an angel triumphant from battle the woman kept her eyes toward the ground. Smoke pooled and poured off of her body, a light dusting of flame kept her aglow and apart from the others. The smile that speckled her lips was secret. She turned once upon her feet, thrice in a row before pausing. Arching back fingers curled against her throat, fire parted to follow her fingers from the apex of her collar bones down her mid drift and to her belly button. They fell to the side as she stopped and dropped into kneel. One leg, the left was pulled long beside her, outstreched so that toes touched the floor. She inhailed deeply and seemed to take invisible hands before him slowly winding upward.

Sanguine locks smacked against her own body, flame rippled down her frame. She smiled and sighed, using the flames as peeling veils, covering her body somewhat modestly. Fingers outstretched nearly touching his chest before her hips began to rock, just side to side for a moment. Then it was her heart beating within her ears that caused ehr to pause. She felt his eyes upon her, rocking her to her soul. Ah, that gaze.

Melting to a kneel before him TIa bowed backwards, slowly arching downward till her fingertips touched the floor, she could hear the music drifting to a close and waited until her breath was caught before rising upward and moving to the center of the room. Lilyanna glared and dismissed her, laughter rang from Tias lips as she left the room with a dismayed group of members.