The forgotten fires of old

Revealing the beast



Name: (Viper) Dracule Knight Cerberus *true name hidden in the book of ages*
Alias: Viper, Catarina, Tiassale. Broken Angel, Liembre
Age: unknown, carries a book of Ages
Apparent Age: 17 - 24 depending on the makeup



Dexterity; 3.5
Dominate 2/5
Voropath 4/5
Flexibility 7/10
Speed 4/5
Endurance 4/5
Dancing 4/5
Strength 3.5/5
Charisma 17/18+

Clarity of mind 5/10
Bleeding time .45 sec
Av. Temp: 104 F


-Misc Statistics-

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Summon: Succoro the fire queen

Disciplines: Path of the Lotus Flower, Opulent Vigilance, Fury of the Silver Phoenix, Crimson Rage

Alignment: Chaotic 

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Collared by: Unowned

Status of Collar: Blood Doll

Marital Status: Undetermined

Traits: Bitchy, Moody, Fire filled, Passionate, Teasing, Submissive.





Gorean (northern tribes)
















Height: 5'2"
Weight: 123 - 135
Hair Color: red
Hair Length: Long, curls
Eyes: Azure - Cerulean
Skin color: light tan
Racial Appearance: Almorian Elf

-The Broken-

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 135
Hair: Black
Hair Length: Long waves
Eyes: Grey - Silver
Skin Color: Bronze
Racial Appearance: Almorian elf

-The true form-

Weight: depend on size
Height: 7 foot
Wingspan: 14 foot
Base: Fire
Age: unknown
Race Phoenix

-Misc Influences-

Affliction: Blood Doll*

Disease:  Thrall

Reproductive Barriers: Sex does not equal Procreation w/ her race.

Mental Status: Unstable

Dominant Hand: Left

Abilities Cap: Yes

Fear: Unknown




Soul: Not Revealed

Heart: Not Revealed

Body: None

Reaver Status: Disabled***

Origin: Blood Rose Tavern

Origin Name: Sora - Gifted 

Current Location:

-Influences Aspects-


Vincient Dracule (Player No longer with us. R.I.P),

Zackrey Icewind (R.I.P),

BloodReaver Malfeous: (Soul trapped),

Cali Cruzer (Discontinued)

 Current: None

-Tattoos & Piercing-

Both Ears: Twice

Belly: Yes

Others: Yes, Private


-Dual Draconic - two full winged dragons of slender form, which move upon her body changing location at there own whim.

-Roses - the entwined roses on her lower back are both lovely and useful. The vines are almost blood red whilst the roses are blue.

-Fount Marks - the dual marks, on  her inner right thigh, one on her left jugular are both golden butterflies trapped in a crimson orb. The orb is cracked with a singular black line.

-Tribal marking with Fire rune – around her left eye. This does not appear at all times, but almost like a decoration at her own whim. The visage hides many things.

-Former Occupations-

Bloody General – Sin Empire

Dancer – Blood Rose Tavern

Dragon Rider – Kingdom of Dracaenas

Healer – Sin Empire, Neo Velorian Empire, Castle Wolfe

Voidian Opulence – within the void

Architect – Dark moon Tavern

Forge Master: Ambrosia

Asylum Mansion - Flame starter/ Prisoner 

Healer - Darklace Kingdom 

Current- None 


-Place of Habitation-

Current: None

Kingdoms Currently Summoning: none

Status: Bitchy


Name: Diamond Bitch
Class:  sword
Body:  34" long
Type: dual sided
Misc. Information. Poison alert: Neurotoxin that inhibits the nervous system from sending messages to the brain.: blue rose powder spills from this

Name: Rose Bitch
Class: Sword
Body: 38" long
Type: single bladed
Misc. Information: Poison alert: Deadly dust that inhibits cell growth once inhaled, in cuts, scrapes or mucus membranes (this is the black rose sword, it carries the toxin within the metal as well as the poison slot)

Name: Ice Bitch
Class: Sword
Body: 30" long
Type: dual bladed
Misc. Information: blessed with the rune of fire. Will create bursts of fire through wounded flesh from within. This carries the holy rose, the white and will instill purity if gotten into the blood stream, mucus membranes or if inhaled


Name: Reaver of twilight
Class:  Bastard Sword
Body: 42" length
Type: dual bladed
Misc. blessed with the demons fire and flame, protective of its wielder; Viper. Within the bosom of the sword BloodReaver Malfeous lays quiet (sometimes). This Demon is unleashed at its own whim. The sword is a living thing.


Name: Midnights Dream (newly acquired)
Class: Sword

Body:  32" length
Type: single bladed
Misc. blessed with the heart of a phoenix it echoes its owners desires - carries blue rose cartridges


-Misc Weapons-


Class: Daggers

Body Length: 6 " - 9"

Number of: 13 (one shadow dagger)

Type: Single Bladed

Misc. Poisoned Metal


Class: Ornamental Daggers

Body Length: 12 “ 14"

Number: 10

Type: Blunt

Class; Fans

Body Length: 12�

Number of: 4

Type: Multi Bladed

Misc: Rose Cartridges





Chain Mastery

Dance; Veils, Bondage, Slave, Rope, Chain, Whip and Fire

Forge Master

Musician, Vocalist, Piano, Lap Harp, Ten Flute, The lyre, Bells, Wind Staff, Violin, and Flute

Poison Use

Survival Skills

Serving Skills

Slave Skills


Teacher, Forbidden Knowledge

Teacher, Dancing

Teacher, Scholastic / General Studies

Teacher, Elemental Mastery

Teacher, Poison Use / Detection

Tracking Skill

Weapon Specialist, Exotic

Weapon Specialist, Fan Dance

Weapon Specialist, Fan’s

Weapon Specialist, Dagger

Weapon Specialist, Duel Wield

Weapon Specialist, Sword

Weapon Specialist, Whip


Spells/Magical Abilities

Angelic Ichors – at any time, if threatened can unleash the power of Angelic ichors, summoning it to her fingertips and place it on another. Angelic Ichors is a neurotoxin.  (CB)

Armor of the Antique Juggernaut – this armor blessed to her by Mace, she is able to summon this when needed to aide her in addition to her regular Armor. (BG)

Ashen Wound – When wounded that affected area ashes and in a blaze of silver and white fire, is replaced in an instant, leaving only a small amount of ash as the trace of a wound. This can burn if someone is to close, and can burn wooden and melt all non – magical weapons, and some minor magical weapons. (NA)

Ashen rebirth – because she is phoenix, she has the ability to ash and be reborn in a period of time. This is an innate ability. (NA)

Casters delight – The ability to bring momentary relief from battle weariness or fatigue to a person whom is an ally. Components: Blood, Phoenix tears, water, frozen into a globe. These components must be shattered on the ground.  (cb)

Control Flame – Mastery level, able to control, wield and summon flames at any time without true cost. (NA)

Crimson tide – Fount. (NA)

Displace Flame – Able to place a flame to sleep, so that it may be used later on.

Dimensional Travel – Has the ability to perform extra dimensional and extra planer travel via will.

Duck of Hope – the ability to duck an oncoming attack, or move out of its way and hope her chrono magic holds out long enough to get out of the way, must be used with Time Lapse.

Elemental Dance – Forms the perfect circle of five elements through an intricate dance, pulsing in tandem all five around her in the form of orbs that leave trails until they speed up and then slam into the ground etching the floor with the runes of the elemen

Engulf in flame – able to engulf herself in flames while being immune to the heat of the fire.

Flamed Fan Blades – Mastery level use of these weapons, learned while studying to be a priestess, and can deliver all of her flame based attacks through them.

Fire walk – The ability to summon and walk on fire.

Forge Master – the ability to wield the master’s forge, able to create armor, and weapons as well as various creative items on the forge.

Flute of the Phoenix – For every 200 years, has the ability to rend her phoenix in two letting her phoenix survive whilst the other half goes to the person in question. This creates a triad bond with the being that bears her other half. (NA)

Flutter of light – The ability to summon, wisps of light that are carried from within the soul. They are a last resort in order to find her way out of an area. (NA)

Guide to the afterlife – the ability to use, and be immune to the black rose of death. Dropping this rose and letting it hit the ground (Cloud Effect; 24mph spread rate) she simply walks through it in order to let it kill her opponent. Note speed may vary slightly with wind.

Ichor Immunity – Thanks to her Parents, she is immune to the ichor carried in her swords as well as the ichor that is manifested in nature. However she must encounter ichor first.

Illusion of Fear – this is her ability to peer into the soul of a person, if a save fails and create surrounding them their worst fears, which will kill them if they do not conquer it. Often used as training or schooling spell. Uses the Book of Gades, which is carried upon her at all, times.

Last Seduction – The ability to rend a person usually male (due to seduction techniques) unable to think via this spell. It lasts a little over an hour.

Mater manipulation – Can create moving parts within current objects or can create matter from the voidian ether.

Mystical Dance – Mastery level dance in three categories – ka’jira, bondage and belly dancing, all dances contain an attention grabbing pull, as each sway and move pulls with the beat of your heart, so all you feel inclined to do is watch.

March of the Unknown – A battle tactic used. This can allow Viper to separate herself from her other forms, allowing her to battle with multiple people on her own turf and take the advantage.

Marking – this is the ability to mark another, when this is done the blue rose tattoo appears on the marked party and whatever damage they take is transpierced to her, even until death, removed only by her will.

Mind Walk – The ability to travel through and connect with the mind of another. The ability links her with the other causing her to loose 1 pt of blood for every hour they are linked. She takes on behavior, attitude, and minor abilities of the other person during this time.

Mirrors change – this is the ability to trap ones soul within a mirror, rendering the body helpless to be used as a puppet. Must have one of the three mirrors she keeps on her possession.


Prime Silver Phoenix of Elemental Master

·         Allows access to all realms of elemental magic without the need for components, verbal or somatic.

·         Allows the production of any element without the need of cost.

·         Can absorb all element magic, abilities (Supernatural or otherwise), or naturally occurring instances of any element, and use it to heal herself or others.

·         Can summon elements from any elemental realm, and they will do their master’s bidding to the extremes.

·         Can take any element and seamlessly and without loss of energy turn it into another element

·         Can weave the elements together and give elemental spells different qualities. Preference for fire. Example: Takes Water and freezes it with fire. Used to confuse enemies.

Positive Rebuke – this spell set takes the body back to its original form reminding the body of the way it was before the wound occurred, must be used in conjunction with Web casting.

Phoenix Curse – this leaves someone with a silver mark, usually on the left palm which flares with the pulse of the blood flow, each solid beat pushes it out 1/10 cm. This cannot be removed until Sin Harvest has been performed. Used to install the seven virtues into a person. (NA)

Phoenix fire – as the phoenix inhabits within, she can unleash this creature at any time to wield the flame it bears with uncanny precision whether it be to heal or maim. (NA)

Phoenix Pitch – The ability to drive another phoenix (10 miles) into an angered frenzy.(NA)

Phoenix Sacrifice – this is the ability to, if needs be, sacrificing the phoenix and forces her to take some mental scarring to save the life of another.(NA)

Phoenix Scream – this is the ability to use the Phoenix scream, it both deafens and paralyzes any victims within a 50mile Radius (NA)

Phoenix Tears – these are precious tears from a phoenix which are shed in order to heal an injured person, if the emotion or loyalty behind them is strong enough they can heal Fatal wounds. (NA)

Prophecy – the ability to see the future. This ability is shifty with her, not able to be controlled, but can be used with mind walk if the person she is using it on is strong enough. Mind walk gives her the ability to see the past as if they were the one to experience the history of the target.

Righteous decay – the ability to, once having killed a person usher them into the next life to rebirth. They must be an individual of virtue for this to be performed.

Runes - Viper has some knowledge of runes lacking in some parts advanced when it comes to transportation and when it comes to the 5 elements

Shadow walk – may use Shadows as a transportation device, may be by this to move within them from realm to realm.

Strayed Stylus of Time – This spell must be used in the conjunction with Phoenix scream. It startles Father Time, so that he scratches over the name partially causing death to believe that the victim’s time is at hand.

Sin Harvest – the ability to summon forth ones sins, and use them against the person as an attack. (Deadly) The sins follow that person until they make reparations or until it kills them. This can cause insanity in the person who it is being cast upon.

Sorcerers dream – this is the ability to hop from dream to dream and create her presence there. This is usually done in order to warn another of impending doom, or for a faux carbuncle.

Summons to Mrall – at any time during the evening, she can summon a person at will to Mrall (hell) whilst they are still alive and able to speak. They are released to themselves and to the place they were from after this summons was complete.

Sweet tomorrows – the ability to, twice a day place a person into a sleep that they cannot wake from if they miss a save (dodge) or will this upon themselves (it has happened), for a 24 hour period. When they do wake, they will be totally healed of all wounds save those which are mortal.

Symphony – the ability to call forth the light (or dark) preference of song to enable the person she uses it on to sleep for a stated period of time.

Sword Retro-Wield – Allows her to wield the following swords: The Rose Bitch, The Diamond Bitch, The Ice Bitch, the Reaver of Twilight, The Pendulum, The Black Onyx, The Flawless Slipstream, and the Shard.

Silver Aegis of SynDication – When used upon a target, and based on the level of sin, it alters how much of their blood turns silver in color, once their blood is 50% silver, they can pass the trait onto others with no limit. This will also allow the original caster access to the sins they have committed and can also perform Sin Harvest on large populations during the “Times Of Purging�, this power can also be used to cause a flare up and discharge the BTU’s of the body, causing them to freeze to death based on how much sin they have.

Second hand of Temporis – The ability to always know the time, and to speed up and slow down combat to her benefit, on a minor scale, it can make her move 4x faster or ¼ the speed.

Tears of the Martyr – the ability to transport another out of danger, whilst replacing herself in the situation.

Time Out Box – is able to after evoking this chrono magick, able to pause time for up to forty minutes at a time in order to either trap an opponent, or get away from an oncoming situation by trapping them in a large glass box that separates them from time, and by the time they shatter it, 40 minutes have already passed, if they do not shatter it, they will stay there until they do. This can be used to speed up time for them or slow.

Telekinesis – Can manipulate 500 lbs.

Teleportation – Retains the ability to teleport.

The Crimson Butterfly – Uses the primal animus of the angelics, the Unisyst, and the Phoenix, to have each one buffet you with primal force, and then all three combine and dissolve the molecular bonds to let you simply melt away into the air.

The Illusion of Self – Wrapped in your own visions at the time of the final hour, the target see’s pleasant images and will warmly and openly accept the final stroke, this is not a deception, it is the personal truth that the victim wishes to see more than anything else.

Top of Virtue and Sin – Can cause people to reach the polar opposite of any of the seven Virtues or Sins.

Vision of sin – this is the ability to help another to see someone else’s faults and sins. This is used to help negotiate during battle so that no blood is spilt.

Voidian Prison – this is a newly acquired ability not yet mastered. The ability to open the void and imprison someone within its bounds for two days per level of need.

Web Casting – a type of healing that allows this person to see the body as it truly is, webs of matter in the strands of time and place the webs back where they should be.

Wielder of the Rose – She wields the white, black, red, pink, yellow, purple, blue roses, silver, and brackish violet of Gades. All of these have separate effects.

-White – summons to innocence, can clean the hands of another, can wipe the tear and sordid past away…makes clean what is unclean.

-Black – the death rose, sorts the person this is used on to Deaths door, letting the reaper take him and his soul to the eternal to be judged.

-Red – Blood lust, true battle lust – this rose incites lust that quakes the heart, if too much used becomes a neurotoxin.

-Pink – springs love – does not force love but helps it grow, whether its love for a child, a family member or a foe…known as the rose of peace.

-Purple – this rose is a mix of the blue and red and it was a total accident. It helps calm the fears as well as incites incurable lust in the victim. CAN and often IS used in battle.

-Brackish Violet – Causes those to wish to repent for all their indiscretions and cannot lie for 12 hours, if its ground up and used to make a tea, it causes the desires to sin to greatly increase for 1 week.

-Silver – when consumed in any form it places them to sleep, and numbs the body. Cannot build a resistance to the silver rose.

-Blue - if inhailed, ingested, consumed, if it gets into the blood stream this rose causes insatiable lust thats palitable. There are two cures, one Tatianna keeps hidden, the other is obvious.


Whips – Masterly level usage with the two bull whips she has, notes that these have been blessed by Ralor and so contain death and fire when used.

Whip Dancing – the ability to use her whips in a dance, usually used for assassination purposes.




Aggression Table

Primus Core Release (Stage 1)

A sharp increase in heat is felt from her, as her voice carries the undertone of a second guttural deep female voice, which seems to only attach to the heavy syllables. She smiles wickedly and seems to enjoy anger.

Elemental Barrier Rupture (Stage 2)

 A glow emanates from her eyes as they turn a liquid pallor of silver, fire drips like hot wax and flares with heat as it chars the freezes the ground, chased by the ground cracking apart followed by a soft breath of air as each droplet of blood spills.

Aggression of the Foully Blessed (Stage 3)

 A set of prismatic wings of the five colors of the elemental wheel burst forth in an impressive display of elemental mastery, all elements cow to the bearer of the wings and refuse to be used against the true master of elements.

Force of Nature (Stage 4)

 Deep guttural tones follow every word and the elements follow her beckon without hesitation. The earth will attack the prey of its own will for the masters praise, the water will try to drown or freeze for the glory of being the one to help, the fire will consume everything that the victim holds dear, and the wind will always make the enemies eyes sting with dust and their bottom on the ground. And the soul of all things will claw at the soul of the victim until nothing is left but a hollow shell… wrought for consumption.




Pets/Bonds: Snow

Pet's Ability: the ability to answer her call, see through her eyes and change his size. He also has several abilities of his own that are yet unknown (played by another person)

Pet's Age: unknown

Pet's Behavior: Protective, Guarding, Obtrusive

Pet's species: Large Albino Falcon


Pets/Bonds: Murphy

Pet's Ability: He has the ability to change size, use any ichor she can, and is incredibly stupid.

Pet's Age: 4

Pet's Behavior: Protecting, Hungry, and knocking shit over.

Pet's species: Snake.



...To be revealed...



CB - chemical Based

NS - Non Spell

D- Defensive

NA - Natural Ability



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