The forgotten fires of old

What am I?

Fire, its an element. One could say that this element is the most unpredictible cushioned within the haven of the omniverse. With a life of its own this element brings both savage death and devine life. - Unikahn 

To hell with that element. Bathe me in water and place a beer in my hand. I hate the fact that fire exists - Kyran Ulwarn

I can feel the fire in your veins, the passion running through a womans body is indeed fire. There is nothing like tasting it, savoring it until that passion breaks free upon the tongue sending me into a blood madness i cannot quell. It is only after i have tasted your heart, felt your own fire within my veins that i am satisfied and doomed. - Vincient Dracule


Once the earth protected itself from the scorn of man. Mother Natures hand cleansed the river, pooled the earth out of it and created mountains. She left the seasons moving back and forth at her whim and only called out when the balance had been interrupted.  

As man grew in his oddities he began building dams, cutting off or reshaping rivers to his own delight. From mother natures hand the tools were taken from her, ripped from her hands by mans inventions. His own craft would be his undoing. Sores began to fester on the surface of the earth creating bogs where once lush land had been left for open grazing. Marshes and waste land, desserts and volcanos began to surface. No longer a thing of legend the earths temper was shown in every soot filled blast of her now tainted heart.

The original six races had become nothing, null and void.

The Fae had hidden themselves away from the greed of man on a singular island most traveled by the fae and Elves. A half fae named Merlin had called it Avalon.

The dragons had sunk within their squallared prisons to be surrounded by gold and gems worthless to them save for the beds made. They created their own prisons in the vast unreachable regions of mother earth.

The djin were corrupt and had called to mother earth now. They had tainted the wisedom of younger elves giving them everything their hearts desired save power. The Djin savored the power kept and created a new race in order to thwart mother nature. Elves were warped into human kind. The race of man had been the downfall of them all.

The angelics had cried for mother earth and attempted to heal her. Only they had been successful from escaping the fate of entrapment that so many others had fallen to. The angels had guarded themselves and their companions well enough to be granted access to the unicorns haven.

The unicorns had been granted saftey by the angelics. They with the blessing of mother earth created their own world, their own verse to exist within just on the boundries of mother natures whims. She herself had traveled there and remained safe for all times.

Travel had become necessary. Mother earth placed seven pairs of beautiful white horses to sleep. There she blessed them with the wings of an angel and the horn of a unicorn. The unipeg, or pegasis as man had chosen to call them had been created. Ah, they lived on the volcanic islands surrounded by sea. Nothing more than glory was given to these beautifully damned creatures.

Mother earth in her vicous want for victory and to conquer her own terrain back took upon herself one last chore before she slept. From within her breast a babe unfolded with the all the magic she could spare and wings of eagles. With the tears of an innocent child meant to heal her while she slept mother earth endowed this creature. She herself became selfish and created one last boon: the phoenix.

Made of the magic of other races this creature was of a bird type. She was also blessed with the disguise of an elf. Traveling along the race of man did this creature go. She carried within her veins the heart of the earth. Eternally bleeding, ever pure, and never doomed to sickness the phoenix was mother natures favorite of all the races. Mother nature too imparted a gift upon the creature. It was a double edged blade. For now the maiden whose mother slept was doomed to love.

-- A mothers love. The letter of origin to the races of 7.