The forgotten fires of old

Fires long Forgotten

Whispers rode along the wind, giving wing to my name and calling out to me in ways long forgotten. The cocophany of pain and plethera of needs had brought me so low, to my knees that i became the beast. Twisted visage, broken angel, firey tempress. All of these i had been and more but i was not known. Not until now have i been known to the world with all its darkness and power.

I have come from the breast of the earth, nuzzling fires too hot for man to think upon approaching. Only the dragons kind can reach me, only they can touch the very soul that was brought forth from my  mother. Shew grew me from the purpose of need and within the seed of the earth was i created with wings of wind and two hearts.

Once she had favored the dragons, her special children, her small ones. They had flown with grace and dignity, they had brought about such power that even the race of man reveired them. Now they were theives, theives and shameless horders of her own breath. Anything that sparkled, anything that shone bright within the light did they choose to create their beds with. Now they lay within decrepit caverns of the earth coiling their hot breath ready for any mortal who comith near their great and wonderous treasures.

Its not a wonder any longer why they are dying out. To be a hero among the human race one must slay a dragon. Indeed, this feat has become a prerequisite for marriage among major kingdoms. One day there will be no more dragons to slay. They will leave man kind and their own hordes for the lands of the elves.

Then where will mankind be? I will of course answer that. Stuck with its vampires and dwarves, little people and stagnint minds. Fire will be needed to clense them, to heal their wounds and corterize the earth which bleeds for them so. The mother takes them back within her bossom with each death but still it not enough.

Even the newest souls are touched by their taint and greyed as old paper. Perhaps it is time for the Halocaust. My bretheren arise.


- The letter of woe, written by Viper to the Pheonix Race